Why Morning Is The Best Time For A Woman To Have Sex


If you are looking for the best time when you should make love with your spouse then your search has come to an end. Discover why should you have sex in the morning and benefits of it.

One of the most intimate moments you experience in your life is sex. It is the mental as well as physical pleasure you receive from the person you are in love with.

We have seen pleasure comes with consequences like eating too much chocolate results in weight gain. But sex is that kind of pleasure which has a lot of benefits to your body and soul.

The most preferred time for people to have sex is during the night because it is a taboo in society to be done in daylight.

But do you know that morning sex is the best sex?

Yes, it is true. There have been various researches lately which have proved this assumption to be true. Let us see why.

Benefits Of Having Sex In The Morning:

1.Early Morning Exercise:

It is very necessary for everyone to perform at least half an hour of exercise in the morning. But due to the guilty pleasure of sleeping, we usually skip it. Sex is a full-body exercise and can help you lose calories and stay fit. Who would not like to do this exercise every day?

2.Promotes Sexual Health:

Sex in the morning boosts the natural production of various sex hormones early in the morning which results in healthy sex life, especially in men as it tends to keep them stronger and make their sperm more durable and active.

3.A Good Time to Get Pregnant:

Yes, sex in the morning helps you to get pregnant. It is because in the fresh morning when you give a boost to sex hormones, it naturally helps in better survival chances for the sperms in the female vagina and hence increases the chances of pregnancy.

4.Improves Infertility Problems:

Sex in the morning helps to get rid of approaching sex-related problems because of a boost of sex hormones. Remember to make it a daily habit.

5.Makes Skin and Hair Healthy:

An orgasm during morning sex releases chemicals that can increase estrogen levels in the body and improve the tone and texture of your skin, and hair.

Blood circulation is improved during sex which helps get oxygen to the skin and provides a natural glow to your face and possibly nourishes hair.

6.Decreases Cardiovascular Risks:

As sex improves your blood circulation, it is seen in a current study that people who perform sex in the morning have fewer chances of heart-related problems.

7.Immunity Booster:

The production of Immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that protects against infection is increased during morning sex. During sexual activity, the production of the IgA antibody takes place in mucosal linings of the female genital tract that provides a barrier to prevent transmission of infectious diseases.

8.A Fresh Start:

You have to agree that there cannot be any other way to give a fresh start to your morning. Your caffeine intake will lessen as sex in the morning will keep you fresh throughout a long day.

So, give your other half the extra love and earn some health instead!

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