How To Remove Vaginal Odour Permanently Using Natural Methods


In this article learn how you can remove vaginal odor by using some of the effective natural home remedies.

From the demanding periods to the not-so-demanding ovulations, each phase of the month has a specific smell which makes us women work hard to hide away our very feminine self.

The feminine scent it is subject to external conditions such as the existence of bacteria, hormonal functions, or ingredients that you just eat, and changes during your standard monthly menstrual cycle.

The vagina is vulnerable to release and vaginal secretions due to a disease of factors that affect the way it smells. Simply speaking, at any given period – your vagina can have a smell to it. The same as the feet or your breath is a specific scent from the vagina.

However, at times, many women realize that their vagina smells. Musty, or it could smell metallic if not produce somewhat of a ‘fishy’ smell.

These unique smells, are often connected with yeast or bacterial infections and occur alongside vaginal itchiness, burning, discomfort, along with a change in what will be deemed your typical monthly menstrual discharge.

Home Remedies To Remove Vaginal Odour

Remember, that every woman features a certain smell to her vagina. If you feel the smell is questionable, onsets instantly, or justifies a visit towards the physician – these guidelines will help eliminate vaginal odor and keep it from returning.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Because of its antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar can be used to combat vaginal odour. In fact, having a tub with apple cider vinegar is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the bad smell. This will help fight off bacteria and the toxins that cause vaginal odour.

• Mix two glasses of apple cider vinegar in warm bath water. Relax for around 20 minutes inside. Follow this remedy several times a week to obtain quick results.

• you can even consume a glass of water combined with a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another compound that can be applied to balance the pH level in your body. The issue of vaginal odour will dissolve, once the pH level is instability.

1. Add one-half cup of baking soda to your bathwater.
2. Relax your lower body in it for about 20 minutes.
3. Dry yourself thoroughly with a clean towel. This treatment can help combat a yeast infection and will help remove smells quickly.

3. Yogurt

Another good ingredient that can be used to deal with vaginal odour is yogurt. Yogurt is full of lactobacillus bacteria, which help combat candida infection (among the most frequent causes of natural odour) and restore the conventional vaginal pH level. After the pH level is balanced, the natural odour may be removed.

• Eat two cups of unsweetened, plain yogurt daily. You can even take probiotic supplements.
• put it into your body and Another option is to absorb a tampon in plain yogurt. Leave it in for several hours, and wash the area thoroughly after removing the tampon.

4. White Vinegar

White vinegar has the capacity of deteriorating odour proteins to neutralize odours. It will also help restore pH levels within the vagina.

  • Mix one-half cup all of the white vinegar and salt in cold bathwater.
  • Soak inside for a couple of minutes.
  • Follow this solution repeatedly weekly.

5. Tea Tree

Tea tree oil contains powerful antifungal together with antiseptic qualities, and so it may be applied to eliminate unpleasant vaginal odour. It’ll help remove bacteria which can be adding to the situation.

  • Add three drops of tea tree oil to your cup of water.
  • Use this treatment to wash daily or repeatedly a week to the affected area.
  • Instead, dip a tampon in coconut oil and then set a little tea tree oil about it.
  • Put the tampon and leave it set for one or more time. Do that repeatedly weekly.

6. Garlic

Garlic can be a natural antibiotic that may be great for dealing with infections as well as vaginal odour. The antifungal properties present in garlic will help combat candidiasis and enable your system to get rid of negative bacteria.

  • Eat garlic in the organic or baked form on a daily basis.
  • You can eat one or two raw garlic cloves on an empty stomach with a glass of heated water.
  • You can also add and salads and its stick or garlic cloves.
  • Another option is to place an item of garlic within the vagina for one hour or two.
  • Do that daily or perhaps a few times per week until you get rid of the issue.

7. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is beneficial for women. It can help balance the hormones and promotes normal menstrual cycles when taken on a regular basis. Before going to bed

• Soak a couple of teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a single glass of water. The next morning, stress out the seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach.
To prepare this tea, boil one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water. Stress and drink it two times a day.

Note: Fenugreek can cause diarrhea and skin irritation. Discontinue the use of this therapy if you experience these results.

It could be really embarrassing if you have an uncomfortable vaginal odor, and it might be a warning of some sort of infection, if not poor personal care. Among the most common vaginal infections that are a fishy vaginal scent is named bacterial vaginosis, which can be caused by Gardnerella bacteria.

Your doctor should together with other infections treats this. If you merely possess a smelly vagina, there are home cures that you can use to eliminate yourself of the bad odor.

8. Boric Acid

This is really among the best to treat vaginal irritation naturally that individuals must learn and take advantage.

Presently you could don’t understand that the good bacteria named “lactobacillus” must remain in your natural area to maintain its acidity in check. In any case, specific materials, including soon and sperm or menstrual blood may affect the acid of one’s vagina as well as which makes it soluble.

Boric acid, which is slightly acidic and antiseptic, can help to recover the appropriate acidic quantities of your vagina effectively.
Instructions On How To Obtain Eliminate Vaginal Odour As A Result Of BV Using Boric Acid:


• Boric acid

Making And Use

  • Prepare and fill the gelatin capsules with boric acid and correctly and properly keep them.
  • Insert 1 -with-boric acid capsule into your vagina and allow it to stay overnight.
  • Use this tip 2 -three times every week.

The one from home cures for natural odor using boric acid is actually a good preventive measure which may help from getting bacterial vaginosis in the problem that the body is looking after this to stopping you.

Whatever the case, anytime whenever you feel that you’re likely to get Bacterial Vaginosis, you want to get the elevated measurement of the boric acid supplement by utilizing one packed-with-boric acid capsule for every single of three successive nights. Next, start utilizing this capsule on more often than once each week.


Use a vaginal douche to get rid of any unpleasant smell from your vagina. Before using it, speak to your physician to make sure it is recommended by her for you. The downside of using a vaginal douche is the fact that it could flush out other bacteria that are required inside your vagina, which may affect your normal pH balance.


Insert a fresh clove of garlic into your vagina by hanging a line to it for removal and wrapping it in cheesecloth. Garlic has anti-fungal properties that will deliver yeast in check, which could eliminate vaginal odor. You can even produce a garlic paste and apply it to the vagina externally.


Dip a tampon in most-natural yogurt and insert it into your vagina. Use the yogurt which has the least sugary content.


Include three drops of tea tree oil into a pot of water and implement it for your vagina. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal qualities that aid in treating vaginal odor.


  • Use good personal health by keeping your natural area as dry as possible, and cleaning yourself often.
  • Generally, wear clean underwear to avoid odor.
  • Carrying cotton underwear might help prevent odor by allowing your natural area to breathe.
  • Wear condoms during sexual intercourse as your pH.

Sanitary napkins and tampons Often change as a way to avoid odor.

• Only wash the vagina per day with unscented soap. Your pH balance can disrupt, creating your condition to intensify.

• Limit the total amount of ingredients that you eat that have high carbohydrates or artificial sweeteners.

9. Turmeric Milk

One of many cheap and natural herbs that will eliminate natural odor is turmeric milk. It will also help you fight bacteria and may enhance your vagina’s health and minimize the threat of viral infections. Simply, you must prepare 1 tsp of turmeric powder and 1 glass of warm milk. Mix well and drink each day.

10. Garlic

Garlic can be a known natural antibacterial herb. Having garlic might get you to reduce negative germs that cause vaginal odor. The strong antifungal properties of garlic help eliminate the plethora of fungus producing yeast infection and giving rise to moderate vaginal odor.

  • Eat 1-2 fresh garlic cloves in the morning on an empty stomach with one glass of hot water.
  • Insert one clove of peeled garlic into your vagina and keep to get a handful of hours. Wash after removing the garlic clove, or take the bath. Do that once or twice a week to do away with vaginal odor.
  • Crush stick to being made by some garlic cloves. Apply this garlic keeps for around 10 minutes and paste for your vagina. Clean or have a bath next.

11. Neem

Because antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, neem or Indian lilac can be used to fight vaginal infections and do away with vaginal odour.

1. Boil a few neem leaves in a container of water.
2. Strain and permit it to cool.
3. Utilize this treatment to wash the natural area for a few days or per week.

12. Citrus Fruits

Citrus foods prevent vaginal odour and may also enable your body to fight infections more effectively. Citrus foods are abundant with vitamin C, an immune booster, plus they can also help eliminate harmful toxins contained in your body.

Citrus fruits contain antioxidants in the type of various vitamins, for example, vitamin C. These antioxidants aid in eliminating the free radicals from the body. Citrus fruits are a natural cleansing within the body to prevent the development of bacteria in oral surface.

Besides, consumption also helps in treating many urinary tract infections and of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis enhances the defense mechanisms.

13. Gooseberry (Amla)

Among the popular methods for getting rid of natural odour in India is to utilize amla or gooseberry. This natural ingredient can help you clean and control the causes of your natural problem. You just must eat some gooseberry every single day to deal with the problem completely.

In reality, that is also among the most successful and best tips about how to remove the vaginal odour quickly in the home and obviously with no need for using any kind of pill, substance, or medication.

14. Cranberry Juice

Another kind of fruit juice you ought to drink every single day is cranberry juice. This can be
a very effective drink that could boost your health and reduce symptoms of vaginal odor. This remedy is also beneficial to flush toxins and urinary tract infections from your body.

15. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves contain anti-provocative home, antibacterial, antioxidants, and tannins that could comfort your bleeding vagina. You may opt to clean your vagina with water-cooled off after boiling guava!

Do’s & Don’ts

A solid immune system allows the body to fight off the parasites that cause vaginal odour. These fruits will even help combat urinary tract infections.

• Look for possible indications of contamination that could be causing this dilemma.

• Keep proper personal hygiene.

• Avoid silky thongs and wear cotton panties that allow air circulation and help to keep the vulva ventilated, thus avoiding excessive moisture.

• Make a habit to change your sanitary supplements at regular intervals.

• Stay away from soy products down there because they may subscribe to unbalanced natural pH.

• If the situation primarily happens after intercourse then only wash the vagina with water and mild soap after intercourse.
• Training safe sex.

At times, girls just don’t just like the normal vaginal odour caused by vaginal secretions. However, there’s nothing bad about this, you simply need to accept your body and embrace the feminine odour.

If the problem is severe or does not improve using the home cures then it’s advised to consult a doctor.

• Pour half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of salt into a tub and absorb many times per week. This can help to balance the natural pH.
• Wear breathable clothes and loose denim. Tight denim that doesn’t allow your vagina to breathe can result in oral perspiration, causing bacteria build-up, an ultimately will cause an odour.
• Always wipe front-to-back after bowel movements to prevent the spread of rectal bacteria.
• Changing pads, tampons, and panty-liners regularly.
• Changing underwear.
• stay away from female products, hard laundry soaps, or soy products designed to ‘freshen’ the vagina.
• Ensure sufficient intake of good bacteria to facilitate the growth of the right hormones.

Pantyhose and any artificial product may prevent some venting towards the area. Loose cotton garments will give the spot more ventilation, which may help do away with vaginal odour with time.

Carrying smooth, nice knickers once in a little while to get a specific arise is impossible to harm you. You are not required to wear loose cotton knickers each day for the rest of your life.

1. Wear Perfume

You can use perfume normally to usually help reduce the odour, but when you have reason to consider that someone special goes down there and you want to be sure you smell good, dab a very tiny amount of perfume about 4″ up out of your leg (on your inner thigh). As this will resemble your natural odour choose a perfume having a musky scent.

2. Tea Tree Oil And Water To The Vaginal Area

Mix about 150 grams of water with 2 drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties as well as anti-fungal, which will help remove bacteria which can be causing your strong vaginal odour.

3. Drink 1 Tbsp. Chlorophyll

(15 ml) of liquid chlorophyll mixed into 200 grams of water a day. Chlorophyll comes from natural plants and is a normal internal deodorizer.

4. Soak Yourself In Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be a natural antibacterial. Add 1 to 2 cups (240 to 470 ml) of it to your bath water and soak for 20 minutes. The vinegar should help do away with toxins and bacteria that are causing your vaginal odour.

Do not forget that natural odour to a certain stage is absolutely normal! Seeking medical attention accordingly and knowing any immediate changes, and paying attention to the human body, are your best protection against persistent feminine scent.

Nevertheless, any sudden change within your feminine odour can be a sign your system is trying to tell you anything is incorrect, plus it should be heeded.

The vaginal odour could result from a number of causes including hormonal changes bacterial and yeast infections, poor health, and STDs. Long-lasting trigger, it’s an unbearably uncomfortable problem that could wash away a woman’s self-confidence.

5. Maintain Proper Care

Proper cleansing of the genital area really helps to discourage bacterial growth. Avoid rubbing vigorously as this might cause irritation. After washing, wash the area with warm water and dry it with a clean towel. Tampons and change underwear often as these can boast odour-causing bacteria.

6. Proper Diet

Eat a lot of fruits as these are crucial in increasing the defense mechanisms to take care of natural pathogens that result in odours. Generally speaking, a healthy diet keeps the immune system in proper operating condition, helping to eliminate vaginal bacteria.

Avoid alcohol, sugary foods and starch given that they promote the progress of yeast in the vagina. You must also drink loads of water as it supports the reduction of toxins and parasites.

7. Avoid Airtight Clothes And Tight Fitting

Wearing tight clothing creates warm, rainy problems that are beneficial for bacterial proliferation. Cotton panties in place of capable as well as synthetic textile people fairly shed clothes eliminate bacteria and help to aerate the natural area.

8. Wash Up And/Or Urinate After Sex

Some secretions produced during sexual activity boost the development of organisms in the vagina. Thus, you should take a quick shower after sex to remove them.

Moreover, urinating after intercourse helps you to remove extra secretions left inside. The utilization of security during sex reduces the risk of STIs and the chances of moving different microorganisms out of your partner’s genitalia.

Causes Of Vaginal Odor

The natural odor might be because of a number of reasons, such as hormonal changes, yeast infections, poor health, bacterial growth, and transmitted diseases. When the problem is due to infection, there could be signs like burning, scratching, inflammation and irritation in the vaginal area.

There is down there, specifically, a fishy odor due to bacterial vaginosis.No matter what the main reason, vaginal odor can be quite uncomfortable. There are many treatments to assist treat vaginal odor.

One of the most frequent reasons for natural scent is improper maintenance of sanitary conditions. These unhygienic conditions can encourage the growth of bacteria inside a natural place, ultimately causing smell and infection.

The most common vaginal infection in women is bacterial vaginosis, which delivers a bad smell after cross-responding with vaginal secretion. The traditional inciting agent is alteration within the typical acidic pH of the vagina. The following measures might be taken to do away with vaginal odor.


The first thing to ascertain is whether other symptoms exist develop if you notice a quick change in vaginal odor.

• Do you’ve more or bad-smelling discharge? This generally implies that you have an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria, as happens with vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

• Consumed an exceptionally spicy meal, or Have you just started to have a supplement or a new medicine? These components may cause a sudden change in vaginal secretions that may cause you to have a quick feminine odor.

• Maybe you have recently had unprotected intercourse having a new partner? You can have been subjected to a sexually transmitted disease that’s causing an infection if so.

• Perhaps you have recently changed laundry detergents that could be causing discomfort? Many of these things can upset the delicate pH stability of the vagina and result in a sudden onset of odors. Additionally, the smell of the vaginal secretions will change significantly near ovulation and near menstruation each month.

You will need to find medical attention, particularly if it doesn’t go away in 1-2 times, but instead gets worse if you observe a quick change in your vaginal odor, which can be supported with pain and discomfort.

Visit A Doctor

Your natural smell takes a change for the other or worse symptoms manifest themselves as well as if all of the above initiatives fail, it could be time to get professional medical advice. It could be the sign of an STD if vaginal discharge and itching accompany the scent and this may involve over the counter medication.

Stop using fragrant body washes and dramas. It is far better to use a mild soap with warm water. Soaps that are too harsh or have a lot of chemicals and fragrances can create your vagina produce more launch that provides off the foul odour.

Be sure to are not getting any soap too near your vagina. You need to use soap to wash your pubic hair, but try and keep it from your vagina. The delicate balance of your body cans throw-off.

1. Avoid Douches To Scrub Your Vaginal Area

Douching can modify the total amount of healthy bacteria inside your vagina, causing different bacteria to grow and produce a foul vaginal odour. You should douche only if expected to with a doctor or gynecologist.

2. Eat Yogurt

Yogurt introduces probiotics (or good bacteria) into the body. This may reverse the situation if you have perhaps a yeast infection that is just getting started or a mild case, and functions like a wonderful preventative measure in case you begin the procedure ahead of the problem develop further.

Yogurt is abundant with lactobacillus, which helps you to restore the normal vaginal pH level, helping to avoid the condition from continuing.

3. Avoid Foods Which Contain Lots Of Yeast And Sugar

Foods, for example, bread, beer, and mushrooms contain yeast, and the sugar in other ingredients turns into yeast. the level of yeast cans increases inside your vagina, creating a yeast infection.

4. Stop Getting Showers Or Hot Baths

This may eliminate your natural bacteria. Try getting showers or hot baths to view if it can help reduce your vaginal odour. Doing this phase alone will likely not allow you to, however, so be sure to take a few additional suggestions too.

5. Avoid Pads And Panty Liners

Avoid pads and panty liners outside your time you desire vaginal discharge to be evil from the body, not placed close by stuff like pads and panty liners next to it. Use these only once you’ll need them and completely don’t use scented items (as these can throw off your own body’s natural balance).

Using the above-mentioned methods you can remove vaginal odour and also prevent its return.

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