Experiencing A One Day Period? See The Causes, Home Remedies & Risks


If you have your periods only for one day then, you should surely look for ways to regulate them.

One day period is something which is not normal. And if they continue for several months then it is not a good indication of your health. Irregular and short periods can lead to severe side effects and diseases. So it’s better to cure it on time.

Opting for medical pills is anytime not favorable especially if there is a natural cure for the same. There are many effective home remedies that can induce your period time and flow naturally.

Scroll down to know more about one day period meaning, causes, and home remedies to correct them.

What Is One Day Period?

A normal menstrual cycle starts after every 28-32 days and lasts for 5-7 days.

But what if you have your periods for one day and then it stopped completely. This condition is what you actually called a day period. Any girl or women can suffer from this condition at any stage of her life.

This is not something normal. If you suffer from the same then, you should definitely regulate them for your good health.

Causes Of One Day Period

Well, there is no one reason for the occurrence of a day period. Many reasons contribute to this problem.

The various reasons for the occurrence of such short periods are:

1. Pregnancy

This is the most common reason for the occurrence. A period for one day can be a sign of pregnancy.

2. Birth Control Pills

It is another reason for your shorter periods. They sometimes disrupt the hormonal imbalance in the body and thus give you shorter periods.

3. Estrogen Changes

Your age plays a key role in the regularity of your menstrual cycle.

Estrogen helps in the shedding of the uterine lining of your body every month. Low levels of estrogen can lead to irregularity in your mensuration cycle. Mostly women face this problem at the stage of menopause.

4. Health Problem

A few health problems or diseases can also affect your period’s duration. If you are facing shorter periods due to some disease then consult your doctor for proper medication.

5. Stress

Irregularity and shorter periods are also due to stress. Moreover, you can miss your periods missed if you take more stress. Thus, it can be a major game player for a day period.

6. Other Possible Causes For 1 Day Period

If you are overweight or underweight then you may suffer from t his. Improper diet is another reason for its occurrence.

Home Remedies For Curing One Day Period

Home Remedies For Curing One Day Period

To maintain the regularity and duration of your period use the following remedies. These home remedies will help you in maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle.

1. Ginger

Ginger greatly helps to regulate the periodic cycle. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the pain during periods. Regular intake of ginger would induce periods on time and of proper duration.


  • Take a ½ teaspoon of ground ginger and boil it in water for 5-7 minutes.
  • You can also add sugar to it and drink it.
  • Drink this tea for at least 3 times every day after having your meals.
  • Continue this remedy for 1-2 months.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is yet another wonder spice meant to regulate your mensuration cycle and eliminating menstrual cramps.

It provides heat to your body and thus helps in having timely periods.

Additionally, it also contains hydroxy chalcone which helps to maintain the insulin levels. Proper levels of insulin in your body can affect the regularity of your periods. Thus, cinnamon works for the menstrual cycle in two different ways.


  • Add a ½ teaspoonful of cinnamon powder in one glass of milk and drink it.
  • Use this remedy for several weeks.
  • Furthermore, you can sprinkle cinnamon powder in your food or you can have cinnamon tea every day.

3. Sesame Seeds And Jaggery

Jaggery provides heat to your body and helps in relaxing your abdomen muscles. And hence shedding of uterus linings which further manages the menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, sesame seeds help in balancing your hormone levels especially the estrogen hormone required for the shedding of the uterus lining.


  • Prefer having jaggery along with sesame seeds before having breakfast.
  • Carry out this remedy before 15 days of the expected date of your period.
  • Be cautious ever use this remedy at the time of your periods as it might give heavy periods.

4. Aloe Vera

This evergreen plant has compounds that can regulate the menstrual cycle. There is a special yellow substance under the skin of the aloe vera plants that help to balance out the hormones and also increase the fertility rate.


  • Extract fresh Aloe Vera gel from its leaves and mix it with 1 teaspoonful of honey.
  • Consume it every day before breakfast.
  • Continue this remedy for at least 3 months.
  • Make sure not to use this remedy at the time of your periods.

5. Papaya

Papaya contains a health benefitting component carotene.  This compound stimulates the estrogen hormone and also has a warming effect on the body. Both these things together work to bring proper menses.


  • Drink unripe papaya juice every day for a few months.
  • Also, you can eat one bowl of ripped papaya every day for better results.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric has a warming effect on the body and thus can regulate periods effectively. It also helps in balancing your hormone levels. Furthermore, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus it also helps in relieving pain due to periods.


  • Mix ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder with honey, jaggery or milk.
  • Use this remedy until you have a proper duration of periods.

7. Mint

The combination of honey and dried mint leaves helps in relieving menstrual cramps and attaining proper menstrual flow


  • Take 1 teaspoon of mint powder and consume it with 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • Consume it 3 times a day for a few weeks until you get the results.

8. Carrot Juice

Carrots have carotene which is known for its ability to maintain periods.


  • Eat fresh carrots or drink carrot juice for 2 times every day.
  • Do it for a good 2 months.

9. Pomegranate

This is yet another trusted remedy. Pomegranate is known for its ability to increase the blood count.

Additionally, it contains anti-aromatase phytochemicals that are very efficient in balancing the hormones of the body and thereby inducing a proper menstrual cycle.


  • Drink at least 1 glass of pomegranate juice every day.
  • Also, drink a mixture of sugarcane and pomegranate juice on alternate days for faster results.

10. Coriander Seeds

Coriander helps in promoting periods because of its warming effects.


  • Take 2 cups of water in a pan and 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds. Boil it until the mixture reduces to the quantity of 1 cup.
  • Now filter seeds from liquid and drink it.
  • Drink it 3 times every day before the expected date of your periods.
  • Use this remedy for one month.

Exercises To Maintain Regularity Of Your Periods

Exercises To Maintain Regularity Of Your Periods

Exercises help in improving the circulation of your body. Do exercises that target abdomen muscles and increases metabolic rate. They can be very effective in regulating your periods and their duration.

Nevertheless, a moderate amount of exercise is the best remedy to prevent periods for one. A few exercises that you can carry out for the same are as follows:

1. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises help in maintaining the metabolic rate of your body. Furthermore, these exercises are really helpful in losing weight and also keep your body healthy.

The best aerobic exercises are dancing, swimming, running, biking, and climbing stairs. Do them for around 20 minutes daily.

2. Push-Ups

This exercise targets the abdominal muscles and thus may be effective for periods.

  • Lie down on your stomach on a uniform floor, keep your feet together.
  • Take the support of your hands with palms, push yourself upward. Bent your hands and give a full load of your body on hands and feet.
  • Now by taking the support of hand and feet, do up and down a few times. Inhale as you lower your body towards the floor.
  • Exhale when your body goes away from the floor. Repeat the same for at least 12-20 times.

3. Jump Rope

It is a form of aerobic exercise that functions to regulate all your body systems.

  • Take a jumping rope and hold it with your hands.
  • Stand straight with knees and feet together.
  • The rope should be behind your ankles.
  • Now start jumping and maintain the same standing position while jumping.
  • There should not be any object near the area of your exercise.
  • 3-4 minutes of jumping daily are more than enough for regulating periods.

4. Sit-Ups

This one works on the abdominal and pelvic muscles.

  • Lie on the uniform floor on your back.
  • Bring your hands behind your neck to avoid neck strain.
  • Bend your knees while feet on the floor.
  • Now push yourself upward. Exhale when you come upward.
  • Wait for a second. Take a breath and then come to an initial position
  • Repeat the same for 15-20 times.

5. Crunch And Twist

This one work on the torso muscles and abdominal muscles.

  • Take a sit-up position. Bring yourself upward and then try to touch the right knee with your left elbow.
  • By twisting your waist not shoulders and back.
  • Now do the same for left knee and right elbow.
  • Repeat the same for 10-15 times, each side.

There are also some yoga asanas that are safe during menstrual periods and there are poses that give relief from menstrual cramps. So, they can also be tried.

Various Risks Involved In Shorter Periods

Shorter periods are never good for health. A few potential risks associated with the same are:

  • Weight gain
  • Skin issues like acne
  • Problems with fertility
  • A headache
  • Bad reproductive health

Precautions To Take While Using The Remedies For One Day Period

  • Never use these remedies during your periods.
  • If your condition does not become better even after using these remedies for more than a week consult a doctor.
  • If you feel any discomfort with any of the remedies immediately discontinue the use.

Final Talk

One day period is a common concern among ladies. Many ladies suffer from the same occasionally or frequently.

It is very crucial to regulating such kind of short cycles as soon as possible to avoid health complications in the future.

The natural ways mentioned above to get rid of periods for one day are very effective and have already helped many. So, if you suffer from the same go on and try our natural holistic ways.

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